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Comfort While Dressing Wound

One of the top advantages that our nurses have in the delivery of wound care is that Progressive nurses are trained and equipped to deliver negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT), also known as WoundVac. 

Compared to traditional wound care methods, this equipment is shown to heal chronic wounds 160% faster, and decrease the bacterial load in infected wounds 1000 times better.

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About WoundVac Therapy

The process of V.A.C. therapy involves placing sterile foam in the wound and applying an airtight dressing. Then the V.A.C. device applies continuous, controlled, vacuum pressure. The suction removes problematic fluids and deposits them in a disposable container. 

Removing chronic swelling in this way increases productive localized blood flow. The negative pressure also accelerates the growth of wound healing tissue.

For some patients, a mini-VAC may be available. This is a portable unit that can be worn while walking.

Wound VAC Foot Care

Wound Healing and Chronic Wounds

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) | Nigel… by as-KCI A career military man, Nigel was about to face his toughest battle. Complications to an abdominal surgery left Nigel with exposed intestines through a large, open wound. 

With the help of the V.A.C. Therapy System, his wound progressed enough to be discharged in just eight weeks, rather than the five or six months his doctors had estimated. 

Using a portable V.A.C. Therapy System, he was able to return to his daily routine while his wound continued to heal. And that, says Nigel, is worthy of a medal.


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